20 People Who Own Private Islands

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Here are 20 People Who Own Private Islands. Would you spend your money on a private island? What would you put on it?!

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10. Louis Bacon
No, there is no relation to Kevin Bacon. Bacon is a billionaire and has more money than he knows what to do with so he went and bought 445 acres of land. He paid $11 million for Robins Island that’s located just near the coast of New York. For that kind of money, you could buy like a whole lot of McDonald’s.

9. Mel Gibson
The actor and director is most notably known for his role in Braveheart and his anti-semitic views. In 2005, the man purchased an island located in Fiji called Mago Island. He bought it off of Tokyo Corporation for the sum of $15 million. Oh, and turns out there are natives who live on the island that have voiced their distaste of him purchasing it.

8. Eddie Murphy
Everybody is always wondering “where is Eddie Murphy? Did he die?” No, he’s most likely spending time on his private island like any other rich celebrity with a private island would do. Murphy bought his island back in 2007 for the measly price of $15 million. Before he bought Rooster Cay, he actually owned another island named Pearl Island.

7. Shakira And Roger Waters
So latin superstar Shakira and Roger Waters, the guy from Pink Floyd, apparently bought an island together...yeah, that’s a weird duo. Anyways, the two purchased Bonds Cay island that is, surprise, located in the Bahamas. They paid $16 million in total and we’re said to be planning to build a retreat for other celebrities. No word on that yet.

6. Angelina Jolie
By now we’ve all heard the tragic news that power couple “Brangelina” has called it quits and are deciding to go their separate ways. They had some good times. Like when Angelina purchased Petra island in New York for Brad’s 50th birthday. She spent $20 million for the island shaped like a heart. Girl, hopefully, you kept the receipt.

5. Mystery Island
Look at this quaint little log cabin house just perfectly hidden inside this mini forest on a tiny island. We don’t know who the mysterious owner of this place is or where it’s even located but we can obviously guess take a wild guess through deductive reasoning that this person is loaded. For crying out loud, they have their own plane.

4. Celine Dion
Celine Dion is known for her power ballads and of course who could forget the iconic Titanic theme song that just brings you to tears. But did you know that the Canadian superstar has her own private island? Well, you do now. That’s right, she shelled out a mind-numbing $29.7 million on an island called Ile Gagnon in Quebec.

3. David Copperfield
The famous magician has actually owned 4 islands in the Bahamas. His private resort is the Musha Cay island where many celebrities go to vacation. Copperfield spent a whopping $50 million in total for all these islands. If you want to stay here, you’re wallet better packing because it’s at least $39,000 a day and you have to stay for up to four nights.

2. Roman Abramovich
This Russian billionaire bought this island in St. Barts and renamed it Abrahamovich Island. That’s not egotistical at all. Apparently, he bought the island for a reported $90 million dollars. The island comes equipped with 70 acres, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Who needs swimming pools. You’re surrounded by water.

1. Larry Ellison
He’s super rich. And by super rich we mean that he was labeled as the third wealthiest person in America and the fifth wealthiest in all the world by Forbes magazine in 2014. He purchased Lanai, the sixth largest island in Hawaii in 2012. An actual price was never stated but Forbes says it could be between $500 to $600 million.

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