16 Animal Attacks

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You won't believe the terrifying encounters people had with animals from an alligator taking a little boy to a man-eating catfish attack!

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11 - Forever a legend…
Steve Irwin will forever remain in the hearts of many. He was an incredible wildlife expert, a conservationist and a well-respected tv personality. Whilst filming a documentary called The Oceans Deadliest, the inevitable happened. A stingray pierced him in the chest during filming and it killed him. There is currently a petition in Australia to get Irwin immortalized on some of their currency.

10 - A true inspiration…
Bethany Hamilton has been surfing since she was a little girl, and at the age of 13 – was attacked by a Tiger Shark. She lost about 60% of her blood, and literally took her fathers bed in the hospital, as he was about to go in for a knee op. A month after the attack, she was back in the water determined to surf again. She has gone on to win many competitions, and is also a wife and a mom. Respect.

9 - Lucky to be Alive…
It was at Kruger National Park in South Africa, where a 15-year old boy was attacked by a hyena inside his tent! Erco Janse van Rensburg woke up with the jaws of the animal around his head. The animal dragged him outside by his pyjamas and sat on him. He was helicoptered to the closest hospital to undergo serious surgery. He has sadly lost an eye and will still undergo further surgery, as the damage was extensive.

8 - Tragedy Struck…
Tilikum is a killer whale that was caught off the coast of Iceland in 1983, when he was just 2 years old. He has been in captivity ever since. Tilikum was responsible for the death of 3 people, the most well-known being Dawn Brancheau, whom he caught byher ponytail, dragged her underwater and bit her around her waist. The whale received loads of sympathy, as many believe it’s circumstances led it to behave like that. Tilikum is actually dying from a bacterial disease now in 2016.

7 - Accidents happen so quickly…
If you head over to Port Elizabeth, you can go and pet some tame cheetah brothers – Mark and Monty. But at the end of the day, they are still animals. And when the cheetahs started getting a bit aggressive with some children, Violet D’Mello tried to intervene. The one cheetah started getting quite playful with her, which quickly turned into aggression. The husband continued taking pictures, believing it was all playful, not realizing the extent of the damage the cheetah was causing.

6 - An untimely death…
Jenna O Grady Donley was just finishing off her studies to become a vet, when her and friend took a break to Malaysia and spent some time at a nature reserve in Borneo. They were taking a walk with a guide and capturing some shots, when they startled a lone pygmy elephant. The elephant charged them, and pierced Jenna. She died instantly. It really was a very tragic incident.

5 - In Memory of…
Taylor Mitchel, an up and coming Canadian singer who had been nominated for the Young Performer of the Year award by Canadian Folk Music awards. Whilst touring, she went on a hike and encountered 2 coyotes. Sadly, the bite wounds were too severe and she lost too much blood. She passed away 12-hours after the attack.

4 - Faith no more…
George Went Hensley was an American minister – who was well-known for his dealings with snakes. It was his belief that if you were free of sin and a true believer, you could handle any poisonous snake and not get bit. People actually got bitten and died at his sermons – which he said was an Act of God. On the 24th of July, 1955 – he, himself was bit. He died later that day.

3 - Madness and Mayhem…
That’s what a stray leopard caused when it randomly strolled into an Indian village. The leopard mailed 6 people, and got a few swipes in with police and forest guards before officials managed to take it down with tranquilizer shots.

2 - Gone but not forgotten…
The Kali River, on the India Nepal border, is said to be home of a giant man eating catfish called a Goonch. Several attacks have been confirmed, including one in 1998 – when a 17-year-old boy was dragged under the water by the fish and no remains ever found. 3 months after that, a little boy was pulled under the water and again in 2007, a teenager swimming was dragged away by the fish and no remains ever found. It’s believed the fish has a taste for human flesh, because of the burnt bodies tossed in the water by the villagers after funerals.

1 – A Tragic End…
Whilst eating lunch with some friends in Olympic National Park, a mountain goat approached the group of friends. They thought it was pretty exciting at first, until the goat became aggressive and charged them. A 63 – year old man was gored in the thigh repeatedly and passed away before he got to the hospital.

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